Changing of the Gods Coming to Major Platforms

• Apart from Changing of the Gods being available on our own web site, it will soon be available on several of the major platforms. Stay tuned for details…

• Don’t Miss Richard Tarnas and Changing of the Gods at the 2022 ISAR Conference The world-famous International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) conference will feature a keynote by acclaimed scholar, cultural historian and master astrologer Richard Tarnas, whose landmark book Cosmos and Psyche inspired the movie.

Two episodes of the series will be shown. Producer Max Dearmon will also be present at ISAR to discuss the series. ISAR features over 100 speakers as well as outstanding pre- and post-conference workshops.

• It’s a don’t-miss on the astrological calendar: August 25-29 in Westminster Colorado
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We produced Changing of the Gods entirely independently, and we invite your help to spread the word and inspire people to see it! We believe it’s among the most important films of our time, and we’re counting on passionate viewers like you to tell all your friends and relations that it’s a must-see! People can also organize live or virtual discussion groups to process this powerful transmission together.

Please know how profoundly we appreciate your help! Let’s join together to bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice to realize a new (and ancient) worldview: our interbeing with nature, each other and a cosmos imbued with consciousness, meaning and purpose.