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Is there a correlation between human history
and the movement of the planets?

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Changing of the Gods is a 10-part documentary series that uses the lens of archetypal astrology to paint a sweeping journey across historical cycles of revolution and world-changing transformations that deliver us into “the fierce urgency of now.”

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The Series focuses on today’s “world transit” of the planets Uranus and Pluto, which together archetypally reflect “revolutionary transformation.”

Each time these planets have come into axial alignments, a zeitgeist has manifested on Earth in concentrated periods of revolution, upheaval, and social breakthroughs that have changed the course of world history.

During these periods, observers regularly see massive transformations in the areas of scientific and technological innovation, social and economic justice, women’s rights movements, black liberation movements, and the emergence of new paradigms that change how we view ourselves and reality as a whole.

Sound familiar? The last time it happened was the 1960s.

What is the revolution today? What is the transformation?


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