You’re in for a very special treat if you purchase the complete underlying interviews with our subjects from Changing of the Gods. As with most films, the vast majority of these luminous interviews ended up on the cutting room floor.

Now you can experience them in their full richness and scope.

Each interview is chock full of profound knowledge, insight, wisdom, and important information you’ll want to have and revisit. Kenny Ausubel, who conducted almost all the interviews, deeply knew the people and their work. The result is a set of powerful transmissions that are for the ages. Two extra interviews are included that sadly did not make it into the film. (The V interview is not included.)

Richard Tarnas (studio only)
Luisah Teish
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
Oren Lyons
Thomas Linzey & Mari Margil
john a. powell
Jay Harman
Jeremy Narby
William Keepin
Stanislav Grof (studio only)

• William Keepin and Rev. Cynthia Brix on Gender Equity and Reconciliation
• Dr. Larry Dossey on Consciousness Research


This free Bioneers audio special artfully features Richard Tarnas and Oren Lyons in a dreamy free-range jaunt through cosmology, consciousness and Indigenous wisdom. Take a quiet reflective moment to go deep and wide to experience the heartfelt gratitude of playing your part in a conscious cosmos imbued with meaning and purpose.

Thanksgiving in the Cosmos: The Next Enlightenment


Changing of the Gods is immensely grateful to Bioneers for all its generous contributions to the film. The vast majority of our cast of interview subjects came through the networks of Bioneers, the nonprofit group that Kenny Ausubel and his partner Nina Simons co-founded in 1990 (Nina’s also a Creative Consultant on the film). Since its inception, the legendary annual Bioneers conference has gathered leading social and scientific innovators with both practical and visionary solutions for people and planet. They brilliantly personify and illustrate the new worldview conveyed by the film.

Visit to access a treasure trove of free talks, radio shows, podcasts, e-books and other media that feature the film’s cast, along with thousands of other mind-blowing luminaries, often the “greatest people you’ve never heard of (not yet anyway!). You can also find books by Kenny and Nina.

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